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About Me

I am an attorney who represents the individuals (both adults and children) with mental illnesses. My mission is to provide excellent legal services to the people who suffer with mental disorders and make sure that their rights are not violated. With more than 20 years of experience, I’ve worked on several mental health related cases and consulted hundreds of mentally ill individuals.

As an ex victim of clinical depression and a father of a beautiful daughter with mental illness, I deeply understand the struggles of my clients. One of the reasons I’ve dedicated my legal career specifically to mental illnesses is that patients are often not represented properly and their legal rights violated. I always wanted to do my best to make sure they get what they need and what they deserve.

When do you need me?

– If you suffer from mental illness and you’ve been fired because of it.
– If your child suffers from mental illness and they won’t accept him/her to school of your choice.
– If you have been misdiagnosed and/or improperly treated by your therapist/clinic.

In general, if you think that your mental illness was a reason of the violation of your rights, contact me to have a free consultation.

Why me?

– 20+ years of experience in mental health related legal cases.
– High customer satisfaction.
– Personal experience with mental illnesses.
– I’m a nice guy.

How can you reach me?

You can email me at Contact@ScottNewmark.COm

Or call me at 212 – 253 – 2659