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– I suffer from a mental illness. Do I need to have a lawyer?
You don’t have to have a lawyer simply because you suffer from a mental illness. However, if you think that because of a mental illness you have a problem with your employer, therapist or an educational institute, it is recommended to have a legal consultation to be sure your rights are not violated.

– I was fired because of my mental illness. Can I sue the company?
Definitely. If you have been fired simply because of your mental illness and you were capable of working and were not a threat to others, then it is a violation of an employment law and you’ve been fired illegally.

– I was fired because I was unable to work because of my illness. What can I do?
If you were unable to perform the task that you were expected to do because of a mental illness, your employer has a right to fire you.

– How much will it cost to have a consultation?
I offer free legal consultation to the mental health patients.

– I am a parent of a child who suffers from mental illness. Do you represent children?
Yes and the cases involving children are quite common. As a parent of a daughter with bipolar disorder, I know everything law related that your child needs.

– Do you also provide treatment of mental illnesses?
Surprisingly I get the question a lot. No, I do not provide mental illness treatment. Please have a consultation with a medical professional about it.

– Do you deal with the criminal cases involving mental illness?
No, I do not deal with criminal law. I am a civil lawyer.