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Signs Your Lawyer is Not Good Enough For You

Any court cases winning and losing will depend on the quality of the lawyer and team. Not each and every lawyer will have equal skills, and they are not equally ethical or competent. You should know how to avoid a bad lawyer and how to find a good lawyer, and it is absolutely not an easy task. You can trust your instincts and look for the signs if your lawyer is not good enough.

Work Habits:

Work habits of a lawyer are one of the biggest displays of competence.  Here you can find some signs that show that it is time to get a new lawyer immediately.

Phone Call Unanswered: A lawyer who doesn’t pick up your phone calls or doesn’t call you back, and if he does not provide quality service, then it is the time to choose the better lawyer.  The reasons could be anything, he may be busy with other vital case or doesn’t know how to proceed with your case or he/she might be just ignoring the matter in general.

Unreciprocated e-mails:  It is also the sign that your lawyer is not good enough, like unreturned phone calls, unanswered emails can be indicating that the lawyer is ignoring or too busy to handle your case, or it could be that he/she doesn’t consider your case as a priority case.

Missed deadlines: Missing court filing deadlines can actually break your case; it is the biggest sign that your lawyer is totally ignoring your case. If a lawyer continuously misses deadlines, then it is the time to get rid of this lawyer immediately.

Deprived attitude:  If your lawyer is displaying an uncommunicative, condescending, impatient, rude, or showing off deprived attitude, then it gets difficult for you to work along with him. A deprived client-attorney relationship may generate conflict tension and hostility environment.

Lack of maintaining detail system: A trustworthy and organized system is important to meet the deadlines and programming several obligations. An inadequacy of proper classifying system can further lead to missing the deadlines and other adversities.

Assurance of a court victory or winning results:  A good attorney will never promise his/her client certain results, no matter how liable that results are. Be careful of promises and assurance of a definite victory.

Rejection to provide Allusion: If your lawyer refuses to give references or if he/she does not allow you to talk with previous clients shows that the lawyers had issues with previous clients and he/she does not want you to learn about him from previous clients.

Work Premises:

Also, you should consider the work premises of your lawyer as it also shows the signs of the reliability of the lawyer before you hire him or her.

The work premises of lawyers from the location of the building, exterior to the lobby or reception room, offices, conference room tell you everything about the lawyer’s working capacity and work practices. Here you can find few signs that show the lawyer is good enough to hire or not.

Office space in Poor Condition:  If you see the property or the office space in poor condition, then it clearly shows the sign that the lawyer might be having some financial problems.

A large number of vacant offices: If you notice a large number of vacant offices, then it indicates that there is not quick growth, employee turnover, or financial issues.

Disorderly, untidy office: If you notice the cluttered and messy office, then it is a sign to think twice to hire the lawyers, the inefficiency and disorganization show how capable the lawyer is to take up your case.